Entrenamientos de Natación en Barcelona


16 Apr 2024


20:00 - 21:00

Swimming Lessons for Beginners

Swimming is a discipline that requires practice and, above all, a lot of technique. In our swimming lessons for beginners we focus on correcting and improving swimmers’ technique during the entirety of the class. Our coaches will focus on teaching you the basics so you can move through the water comfortably and smoothly. In each session there are several lanes so that each swimmer can train with other members of the same level.
Level: Beginner
Minimum requirements: Be able to swim two consecutive pool lengths without stopping (50m) using the freestyle (crawl) technique and to be able to submerge your head and lift it to breathe
Duration: 1 hour
Required material: Goggles, swimming cap and swimsuit, flip flops, towel and a padlock to leave your belongings inside the locker.
Minimum required level: Being able to swim two consecutive laps in freestyle.

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